Promoting your Arts Business in a Natural Manner

Do you make the most of organic opportunities to promote your writing or visual arts career?

Take for example, the children’s poetry workshop that I ran at Oak Hill Gallery during the school holidays. The workshop was fun and hugely successful for all concerned.The director at Oak Hill Gallery required a report from workshop facilitators for her to present to the committee afterwards.

I wrote the report in the third person, in a way that also made it suitable for submission to the local media, as a promotional tool for the artist run gallery. This was a win-win-win move. The press have relevant copy to place in their papers; the gallery has more public exposure; as does the artist, highlighting facets of our businesses and future opportunities for the public to participate. The participants also enjoy seeing the event in the press. They like to tell their friends they were there and what they did.

I included a photo that could be submitted along with the article, as my experience has shown newspapers are more likely to accept a story with a suitable photo attached. Parental permission had been received by the gallery when the participants were dropped off. That step is essential.

By using natural opportunities that present in the course of our arts activities we can overcome the “brought up properly syndrome” that makes many of us uncomfortable about the necessary business aspect of self-promotion.


One thought on “Promoting your Arts Business in a Natural Manner

  1. Jenni you make some salient points about self promotion. Making the most of our opportunities is very important in the highly competitive world of art. Pushing yourself into the spot light can be very difficult and the art of networking comes more naturally to some more than others.
    Good luck with your report/press release and thanks for sharing your ideas.

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