I was fortunate to attend the inaugural NAIDOC event at the Cardinia Cultural Centre.

Digery Dancers

Indigenous Artist, Safina

The event was a fabulous bridge-building and educational opportunity for our community.

How this relates to my Arts practice

Through my attendance at this event I gained a deeper understanding of the benefits of sharing our passions.
Participants not only gained new skills, they also learned about the history of the craft and why it is important. They were brought closer through the sharing of culture.
While I made a fish from lamantra leaves (using a knot that I have employed in my natural sculpture work), I was immersed in the relaxed conversation that ranged from instruction and helping young and old to stories about the evolution of the knot work and how indigenous people used the knotted artifacts as a means to open communication at tribal gatherings up north.
I was impressed by the openness of all the people at the NAIDOC festival. Participants were receptive, curious and ready to learn and to buy products from the stalls, and the artists and indigenous plant sellers were generous in sharing their stories and educating us in a respectful and interesting way.
Yes, they were the words I would use to sum up the day- respect and education, coupled with communication and fun. The sharing spirit was present all round and everyone had fun.
That is what I wish to achieve in my workshops, too.


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