Semester Break

The Last Day of Pompeii by Karl Briullov [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
When you think of taking a break, you imagine temporarily ceasing an activity and doing something different in order to refresh; but what if your work and your recreational activities fall into the same genre?
During the midyear break in my Diploma of Visual Arts I have continued to draw and paint; I have collected materials and sculpted, taken photographs and worked on plates to put through the printing press.
I continue to work in my journal, scrawling ideas and exploring the logistics of bringing them to fruition.
Last week I met with my writing group; wrote and edited a few poems, and submitted a short story to a competition. I delivered a workshop on mind drawings and absorbed the stories in several books.
Despite, or maybe because of, these activities I feel rested.
Second term begins on Monday, but before then I shall help a client to explore the world of the Montagues and Capulets in preparation for her school studies of Romeo and Juliet next term.Sic Pic 2 by Jenni Ivins
The Brunswick Street Gallery launches its 2012 Small Works Exhibition, in which I have three “Mental Meandering” drawings (the first formal exposure of this work). The show opens at 6pm tonight and the winners in the Small Works $10,000 Prize will be announced at 7pm.

Sic Pic 14 by Jenni Ivins

On Saturday I shall be delivering a creative writing workshop, Exciting Writing, at Hampton Park Library as part of the City of Casey’s Winter Arts Program
and in recognition of the National Year of Reading.
I shall show participants the basics of story structure, where to begin a story and how to hook your reader. I’ll also teach them to harness a good supply of writing ideas.

My section of The Last Day of Pompeii

On Sunday I plan to paint some more of my section of a reproduction of The Last Day of Pompeii, a collaborative project that will culminate in the installation of a huge tessellated mural of the famous painting by Russian painter Karl Briullov to be installed at the Chisholm Institute in Frankston later this year.

I love the fact that both my work and my recreational activities are in “The Arts”. For me, every day contains enrichment and creative satisfaction.

Sic Pic 15 by Jenni Ivins


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