I’m Back

I imagine there have been many blog posts published with that title when bloggers return after failing to post as often as they had thought they could manage. From the huge interval between this post and my last it would appear my commitment has been lacking – but don’t take that as a lack of respect for my readers.
In fact, it is through respect that I didn’t return to blogging sooner. I didn’t want to let you down when I knew I would be focussed and busy in other areas (but more on that in future posts).
So what has changed? I am still busy and focussed in other areas; however, that activity and goals are aligning with a desire to let the world know what I have been doing and will be doing next. I want to share my journey. You may just enjoy the ride; hopefully you will find it entertaining and the best result would be if you find some value you can apply in following your own passions.

My passion is the Arts, as in writing, drawing, painting, photography, singing, illustrating, printmaking, acting, sculpture, reading, spoken word and other performance, teaching and sharing what I learn and discover, exploring ideas, researching, observing and transposing into other forms that can be enjoyed as they are or used as a springboard to other thoughts and experiences.

Do you see my problem? My interests are wide and varied (yet they also fit neatly together and usually enrich one another). They take too much time to follow through as I would like. So I manage with compromises, such as ushering for my local theatre company when I don’t have time for a role in the cast with its commitment to rehearsing three nights a week, supported by practicing at home.

I rotate my interests so I don’t lose touch – with the people, the state of the art form and its sector, and so my skills and knowledge stay current. I would love to do it all, all the time, but I am wary of burnout and I love spending time with family members who are not involved with my art. And then there are good health requirements – and housework. I often struggle to find the right balance.

So I slow down, occasionally saying ‘no’ or not taking up yet another fabulous opportunity that the Arts have offered. So many options! Sometimes the hardest to accept is the fact that not every great idea I have will be realised. Some will just sit in my journal, in the form of sketches, notes and brainstorming bubbles; though some may develop at a later date.
This is my first blog in the Na Blo Po Mo (National Blog Posting Month). Yes – that is what drew me back at this time.


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