Since Then

Perhaps you are wondering what kept me so busy that I discontinued blogging?
Let me see … where did I leave off? … Midyear in 2012 … Halfway through the final year of the Diploma of Visual Arts and about to paint my portion of a mural that is now the focal point of a stairwell landing at Chisholm Institute.

Frankston Chisholm Building C
Last Day of Pompeii 2012 by Chisholm VisArts students
panel by Jenni L Ivins
My finished panel from ‘The Last Day of Pompeii’


It was also the time when I realised I had found what I had been seeking when I decided to return to Chisholm. I had discovered my drawing style – and it was nothing I’d expected.

I had thought it would be more illustrative, an appropriate match for the picture book text I had written. It was not. And my manuscripts may yet be sent to a publisher unaccompanied by my own illustrations.

I call the style that I developed ‘Mind Drawing’. It is highly detailed and has a four leafed clover hidden in each drawing. I’ll tell you more in a future post. (The pictures posted here; however, are early examples that don’t have four leafed clover.)

Have you ever set out on a quest for one thing and unexpectedly discovered something else of value?


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