Tomorrow I Must Part with a Painting

Tomorrow I must part with a painting – and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Of course, I am happy to have another sale. And I’m delighted that people love my work enough to want to hang it on their wall. I’m also rapt that they fell in love with the work and chose to buy it while looking at a photograph of the image on my iPad, in a Chinese Restaurant.
“Stop there! I love that! Is it for sale?” she said.
“Yes,” I replied, forgetting about my daughter who wanted to take it to London (though it’s way too big for cabin luggage).
The lady showed the picture to her husband, who immediately identified the subject and location.
“That looks like the Mount Baw Baw snow gums,” he said.
“Yes!” I said, pleased that he knew.
“Should we buy it?” she asked.
By the time my husband returned to the table, the deal was done. You’ll have to wait to hear what he said when he heard about the sale. No, I’ll tell you now. I was dumbfounded most of the way home, though that was also to some extent due to my guilt when I remembered my daughter’s (unsanctioned by me) plans for the painting.
“We’ve bought one of Jenni’s paintings,” they beamed.
Yes! Why!
I was amazed. By no means was this the first time I had sold my work, including paintings, and I had been commissioned a few times and I’d only just received a $1000 Art Award; so by now he should have adjusted to the idea that people value my work and are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a painting.
But he isn’t an ‘arty’ person at all and he truly didn’t understand. We just shook our heads.
However – days later, after much er … consideration, I realised he had actually asked a very useful question. If only I hadn’t been too (silently) outraged to listen to their replies!
It was good to know what is working in our art. It can lead to the development of further saleable work. I don’t aim to produce work with the sole purpose of making sales, but as I wish to sell my work to derive a sustainable income, it makes sense to respond to my patrons’ feedback, while staying true to my own style and themes.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the painting and its story.IMG_2795.JPG


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