Parting with a Painting(part 2)

Yesterday I mentioned mixed feelings about my painting moving on to a new home where it will be looked at a lot more than it has been here – until lately. The picture has never been hung in our home; our walls were already filled when I made the work a year ago.

I began the painting in a frenzy of movement, inspired by the unseasonably icy forest outside the panoramic windows on the top floor of Frosti Lodge at the Mount Baw Baw Resort.


I was there as a participant in an Eco Arts retreat facilitated by the father of the Environmental Arts Movement, and fellow member of the Cardinia Shire Arts and Culture Reference Group, Peter Biram.


The EcoArts retreat program was organised by Caroline Hammond to bring ‘the Arts’ to Mount Baw Baw, especially when it was no longer snow season. Participants enjoyed talks and discussion, sketching and collecting reference materials, and many new friendships were formed.


While on guided walks along the trails, we learnt about the unique environment and we spent time looking for Frosti, an endangered frog that only lives in the Baw Baw region.


The successful series of EcoArts Retreats for photographers, visual artists and writers, culminated in an exhibition at the resort in May.


It was exciting to regroup and see how the other artists had responded to our brief. An audiovisual work, paintings, drawings and photographs were viewed by the crowd that had returned to the mountain to celebrate together.



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