The Beauty of a Good Acquittal Report

Since the turn of the century the Lazy River Writers group has hosted a writing workshop every year, except one. We have been able to do so thanks to funding received through the Regional Grants Program offered by Arts Victoria and the Victorian Writers’ Centre (now known as Writers Victoria). This year’s funding was also thanks to the Grace Marion Wilson Trust.

Because of this support were have been able to bring a range of high calibre writers to our local library in the Dandenong Ranges for a full day workshop. We have enjoyed learning from the experience of (in no particular order): our patron who helped us form the group, Doris Leadbetter (twice), Arnold Zable, Liam Davison, Alison Lester, Cate Kennedy, Virginia Lowe, Penny Russon, Peter Bacowski, Andrea Goldsworthy, Jarrad Henry, and this year’s tutor, middle grade writer, Archie Fussillo.

In the second year of my Diploma of Visual Art a part-time night student and I collaborated to curate the Breaking Out exhibition at the Frankston Cultural Centre. We received a grant from the Chisholm Institute to fund the opening night event. Appropriate catering would have been difficult to fund without this support.

After the money has been dispensed and the event has taken place, we were contractually obligated to submit an acquittal report. I am always happy to write this for several reasons:

*To show our appreciation of our benefactor’s support.
*To ensure we are in the best position to qualify for future funding.
*To read the feedback forms with the aim of learning what worked and what didn’t so we can make future events even better. And
*Because in writing the report I recap on what was covered, consolidating my learning and transposing any offered tools, tips and links into my filing system.

Another benefit of being the person who contacts the funding body and takes on the responsibilities of applying for a grant, is the networking opportunities that come with the role. With each communication your name is in front of industry people as a proactive practitioner. This grounds your branding in a concrete professional manner.

And though there is often a lot of work involved, I have had the support of those whom I’ve been representing. And I’ve always found it fun to work with a team of likeminded individuals to achieve our common goal.

What are your experiences in group collaboration?


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