I’m trying something new – for me

When I created this Mind Drawing, titled ‘Importing What We Used To Grow‘ I stopped every minute or so to take a photo. Three hours later I had 2400 images – enough to make a very short animation that was projected in the stairwell at Brunswick Street Gallery for the first half of August last year to promote my first solo exhibition in Gallery 8 at BSG.

Jenni L Ivins Mind Drawing Importing what we used to grow
Mind Drawing, Importing What We Used To Grow, by Jenni L Ivins – an environmental and economic comment on the cost of needlessly shipping food around the planet.

The drawing represents the mismanagement of resources used in shipping produce around the globe, rather than growing our own and buying locally.

In 2010 Australia’s food imports surpassed our exports. In 2013 we read about many acres of fruit trees being removed as Australian businesses suffered from lack of sales due to imports. Concerns have also been voiced regarding potential risks to our crops from introduced pests.

After the drawing was in the Brunswick Street Gallery exhibition, I added colour (water colour pencils and paints) and entered the work in the Ron Rado Exhibition. I was fortunate to be awarded the $250 Ron Rado, Fulton Hogan Encouragement Award – which I found very encouraging.

I shall post this now (from my iPad) then attempt to upload the animation from my computer for you to see.

Sorry, no luck. Sadly, I don’t yet have the expertise to place the animation here. If I figure it out, I’ll post it at another time. Now I’m going to bed; it’s after 12.30. Goodnight.


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