When does ‘Spread’ become too thin?

I am well used to multitasking. I am not fazed by the production of multiple projects at one time. I can even handle switching headspace to wear several hats in one day. What I haven’t managed is being in two places at one time.

I guess what normal people would do is choose one event and forego any others. Not me; I want to do it all. I can’t bear to miss out or let someone down. So if there’s a way…

E.g. tonight: I had carols practice from 5 – 6pm, then fifty minutes drive away I wanted to catch up with fellow artists and see the big exhibition at the Chisholm Arts Open House from 6 – 8.30pm and I wanted to catch my daughter after she had returned from dinner and before she went to bed, to wish her happy birthday.

Not so hard if I didn’t mind missing the first fifty minutes at Chisholm (I didn’t – it was a compromise). And I was lucky enough to arrive at my daughter’s home within the optimum time slot.

A more difficult challenge confronts me regarding the evening of the 13th of December. It is a Saturday and Saturday’s in December are precious. It’s when friends and clubs meet for their Christmas parties and end of year functions.

This year it will also be the night of the Cardinia Shire Christmas Carols (the local event has been changed from the traditional Sunday) AND it is the evening of my niece’s engagement party. The Carols Choir has to be at the Tumuc Reserve at eight and the engagement party starts at seven in Fern Tree Gully (45 minutes away).

My best compromise is to have a coffee with my niece and her fiancé at seven then sneak onto the stage by 8.30, when the singing starts. The musical director is happy with this arrangement, not because I am indispensable, but because of the impact of the change of day Рand because Soprano 1s (who sing the highest notes) are in short supply.

The choir will be smaller this year as many of our regular singers will be performing in Dr Jonathon Welch’s multi-choir carols performance in the Melbourne Town Hall. (Check out Dr Jonathon Welch and his work with homeless people through the Choir of Hard Knocks. Very inspiring.)



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