As a Member of a Writing Group

*I hear instalments of stories each time we meet for workshopping.
*I critique the writing, not the person.
*My feedback is honest, constructive and respectful.
*My work is read, listened to and critiqued by accomplished and educated writers.
*I appreciate the feedback I receive.
*I consider all feedback, but make my own edits.
*My need to create is understood by kindred spirits.
*My successes are celebrated, as are the successes of other members.
*I can find support when I need it.
*I spend time on writing-focussed retreats.
*I laugh a lot.
*Eat well and subsequently –
*and talk
*take photos
*and talk
*I walk…
*I embrace opportunities to host writing events with the support of Writers Victoria and other funding bodies.
*I participate in other writing ventures.
*I am encouraged to write regularly.
*I set specific, achievable, measurable goals.
*I am accountable.
*I can take a break from writing from time to time and still call myself a writer.
*I have lifelong friends.
*I get to bake an orange cake like the one in My Happy Sad Mummy – a book written by my fellow writer, Michelle Vasiliu, to help children to understand the impact of bipolar disorder and how a mum may be happy and sad and also always love her children.

Tomorrow we celebrate the launch of My Happy Sad Mummy,
published by JoJo Publishing.
To learn more about the author and her other books visit


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