My Happy Sad Mummy book launch celebration

When writer, Michelle Vasiliu, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder her children were very young. She sought a children’s book to explain what was happening to her family. Not finding any (including internationally) she set about creating one.

Michelle said the book was supposed to be for 3 – 6 year olds, but people have come up to tell her that they have been reading it to older children. And even adults have found the book useful. Many have recognised some of the signs in their own lives or in their mothers or fathers.

The story is simply told and the information is easily accessible. The book is authentic; it tells the story of the author’s personal experience. It is beautifully illustrated by Lucia Masciullo and published by JoJo Publishing, Australia.

Writing a book and getting it published is a big achievement for any writer, but then more so for Michelle. During the production she was in and out of hospital due to the disorder.

At the launch celebration Michelle thanked her family and close friends for babysitting her children during her illness and for supporting her husband. She said they went beyond what was expected and this book is for them, too.

She thanked her husband for sticking by her for the last fifteen years. And she thanked the Lazy River Writers for workshopping and giving feedback on the manuscript.

Michelle’s daughter did a fabulous job reading the story to us while her mum held the book. This was followed by a formal cutting of the cake – an orange cake, just like the one in the book.

Since the official launch not more than a week ago, Michelle has been busy with five interviews, with coverage in newspapers and on radio. There is a lot of interest overseas and mental health organisations have been getting behind her.

Michelle thanked us all for being there – not just for today, but also for being there for her. I wish her every success with the book. I hope it finds its way to all the families that can benefit by having a story to share with their children to explain bipolar disorder from a child’s point of view.

You will be able to buy the book through the author’s website:



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