Kids’ Own Publishing

On Friday afternoon I returned to the Abbotsford Covent to attend a picnic. It was the end of year event for Kids’ Own Publishing’s artists and their families. Kids’ Own Publishing is a not-for-profit arts organisation and a specialist children’s community publisher.

The first time I visited the convent was in order to be trained to run workshops in making collaborative and hotdog books, and learning different ways to use the WePub app for book making with children.

WePub is an exciting app with which children (on their own or collaboratively with friends or family) can create their own eight page books to print or to share via email. It is easy to use, so children can design a book (perhaps about their life in Australia) and send it via email to anywhere in the world, where the recipient (perhaps a grandparent) can print it out and fold it into their own copy of the book.

Below you can see the first book I made in less than an afternoon, using the new WePub app. Since then I have used it with a five year old who accessed photos taken on the iPad, along with the textures supplied in the app, to make a fun book about ‘The Best Family Ever’. She loved making shapes by simply drawing with her finger over the patterns or textures on the screen then layering them with photos on top.

This is how the book looks before it is printed and folded (with one cut).
This is how the book looks before it is printed and folded (with one cut).

The app was also a wonderful tool to use with my client who has Downs Syndrome. She enjoyed the design possibilities of the app and used both the text tool and the drawing tool for writing a story in which she resolved something that had been troubling her that she hadn’t been able to express through speech.

You can learn more about WePub, or download the app if you have an iPad device at:

You can learn more about Kids’ Own Publishing at
While you are on their website, check out the tab marked KIDS’ OWN BOOK CUBBY to find out about the fun we have in the bookmaking workshops. It’s all very exciting!

I love seeing the confidence and happiness on a child’s face as they pose for a photograph of their book being published i.e. placed on the front shelf of the Book Cubby for other children to read. (They get to take home a copy of their book, too, as well as the original that they made.)

Books by children and for children – a fabulous idea. 😊


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