When I was at the Abbotsford Convent picnic mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was a little confused. I’ll explain:

Kids’ Own Publishing has a team of artists who work in various locations in libraries and community centres and other places where families gather. I am a newcomer and I’m not too familiar with the rest of the team, having met most of them only once, if at all.

Despite this, several people seemed very familiar (not I-know-you-well familiar; more like I’ve-seen-you-in-the-last-week familiar – which, it turned out, I had). The week before I had attended ‘Art Technology and Children’, a talk for artists by artists.

I had been directed to the event by Tania (an arts officer from the City of Casey) when I delivered a disk of support material for my application to exhibit in one of the new digital art spaces that will be ready next year.

While we were chatting I mentioned that I have been seeking a way to draw directly onto a tablet or similar device and have my strokes recorded and able to be played back so the viewer can watch the drawing unfold.

And I need the file to be able to be exported from the program in which it was drawn. (I have built animations from thousands of stop motion photos, but want to try something less invasive to my drawing process.)

Tania immediately thought of Zhen (Dai Zhen Chew), with whom she linked me up. She also told me Zhen would be on the panel of artists who would speak about activities they had run at Art Play using technology in art. The other speakers were Justin Dwyer and Bobby-Leah Napier.

The best thing I gained from the event (aside from meeting Zhen and forging new links in my Arts network) was learning about the programs she uses; in particular, Camtasia.



It was also great to be at Art Play again. It is ‘an arts studio where children and their families can be creative and express themselves in an open and supportive environment’ – exactly matching the philosophy behind my workshops.

Check out

Now to take you back to the picnic at the convent, where I met Simon Spain, the Creative Director at Art Play, though he wasn’t introduced to me as such, but as Victoria’s husband with whom she had founded Kids’ Own Publishing.

Yes! There was the link – Kids’ Own Publishing and Art Play were both started by the same people. And the reason several people seemed familiar to me was because they had been at the Art Play artists’ talk, too.

What links have you discovered in your arts journey? Care to share?


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