Stealing Time – or Working Productively in the Arts

I slept in today. Woke at 6.30 – blinked – then it was 9.15! But I don’t feel like I lost hours of productivity. Obviously my body needed the rest – and I woke feeling creatively invigorated!😀

Today I had an idea for a sculpture. Other days it has been an exciting story line or an interesting character sketch to explore. How much art and story is inspired in sleep, I wonder. Sometimes the ideas don’t follow a sleep-in; instead they wake me during the small hours after midnight.

I know this is not uncommon as many creative people have become proficient in drawing or writing in the dark due to frequently recording their ideas on notebooks beside their beds (though lately I have used a notes app on my iPhone, so I’m no longer scribbling in the dark).

The creativity didn’t leave me once I was up and rushing round to feed pets and meet an appointment today. I was well set up to receive and develop ideas.

I use pockets of time to capture and create … time in waiting rooms is often spent jotting an idea. Many scenes, character development and poetry has been written after school while waiting for a child in a class, club or rehearsal.

And even when it’s not practical or safe to write or draw or make an audio recording, I am still thinking, plotting and planning. How many ideas have gestated while on the road or hanging the washing?

I think the pocket planning process is actually a necessary stage of creation, leading to stronger outcomes. A bit like that saying (that I can’t quite recall) about so many percent inspiration and so many percent perspiration.

Hopefully someone will reply with the actual saying. Or maybe you’d like to share your own story.

My current mulling is about what to include in my website design. I’ll mull some more then blog about it tomorrow (if the ideas have gestated enough).


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