What to Include in my Website Design

I have mulled and pondered, considered and sketched and these are the elements I am considering for inclusion in my website:-

The obvious – a home page (I’m still mulling on the specifics of the image design, but I’m excited about the ideas I’ve developed so far).

From my home page I want doorways to
* gallery pages to show my work, with separate galleries for my drawings, paintings, print making, sculpture, jewellery, photographs and projects
* my writing
* examples of my Mind Drawings
* workshops I offer
* my blog
* news (where I can list current exhibitions)
* about me
* contact me
* leave a note (comment)
* links to useful Arts related sites
* free Arts related resources
* links to sites where my products can be seen and purchased, such as Red Bubble or Blurb, and others as applicable
* links to Jenni Ivins – Arts Practitioner on social media
* a daily puzzle to draw them back and as added value
* a stop motion animation of a Mind Drawing being created
* a video of a spoken word poem
* a how-to video ( or perhaps a link to it on YouTube.

Lots of elements. Lots to research and learn.
Perhaps I should list what I want my website to do
– for me
– and for those who visit.

A website can be:-

A place to show who I am and what I do
A place to contribute to the Arts
A marketing tool and shop front link
A fun place to visit
A place to access resources or tips
An art show
A spoken word performance
A point of communication

What are your thoughts? What else should I consider?


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