Blogging and Arts

I was going to update yesterday’s post, but aside from categorising and adding some tags, I shall leave it as it is in all its raw honesty. I might add a picture, too, to give you something to look at.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I accepted the NaBloPoMo challenge to get myself writing regularly again. It has certainly done that. I also wanted to let people know what I am doing in the Arts. This is happening, too.

And I wanted to learn more about blogging. I have been learning, but there is more I want to do (such as uploading sound, video or animations). I’ve learnt that I shall have to upgrade to a paid blog to do so. I feel it will be worth it.
If you are working in the Arts, how do you address this issue?IMG_0379.JPG
I am serious about building my Arts business. I have saved the money I’m making through art sales, workshops and Art prizes, building up a reserve so that I can invest in my business; but I am moving slowly, researching and learning from others who have been successful, before spending or committing a lot of my earnings. While sales are continuing, I can only be sure of the funds I have already received – and I have a one important financial commitment I need to meet each month.

I would like to say it is my studio, but it is the next best thing. Not being able to find anything suitable in our shire, I am hiring a lockup storage unit that functions as my studio. I designed a setup of shelves and boxes, with space for my canvasses, a table and my printing press. There is no power but I have rechargeable lighting that I can mount on the walls.

This has left space in the art room (a disused bedroom) at home for me to work on individual Arts projects. When I am ready to print, I can make the lockup studio a functional print room – and I won’t have to pack it away before 5 pm as I have had to do when I used the press in our garage. Yay!

Of course there are some drawbacks to this arrangement, such as having my materials in two locations, and as the lockup has a roller door that would let in the elements when open, it is not really accessible on very windy or wet days. And in the Summer (yet to come), I may find it too hot to work there… I’ve encountered a small problem with dust, too; but draped sheets seems to have addressed this adequately for now.

Though I may be having to compromise, I appreciate having my own functional Arts space in which to work without encroaching on the family space in our home.

This is important to me because
* it is our home
* my husband sees mess where I see art
* I love my husband
* I love my art
* I am determined to make a career through my Arts
* if my work is making art, I need clear boundaries between work and home life to help achieve a healthy balance. This is often difficult to do when I love my work so much.



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