November NaBloPoMo

I did it! With the publication of this post, I have a blog post for every day in November. Have I achieved my goals? Let’s recap on my reason for participating:

1. Strengthening the writing branch of my Arts practice.

I feel I have been achieving that with each day of writing. Practice does develop skills, keep them current and provide opportunities for further development of ideas and styles.

2. Connect with my audience, tell people about my work and start to build my platform for interested people to follow.

During November I have participated in many facets of the Arts, many of which have been mentioned in, or the focus of my blog posts.

Let’s see; what have I touched on?
* writing and belonging to a writers group;
* drawing and my drawing style that I call Mind Drawing (but I notice I have only touched on that; I must make a post about it soon);
* decluttering and studio space;
* the balance of perfectionism and practicality;
* the art of posting blogs;
* a very brief history of my art making;
* sharing resources, such as the link to the Australian Writers Centre and it’s So You Want to be a Writer podcast, and the book, My Happy Sad Mummy, for families who want to explain what is happening in a family when Bipolar disorder is present, and the WePub app for making and publishing hotdog books from the iPad;
* the sale of a painting and listening to what our patrons like about our work;


* the EcoArts retreats at Mount Baw Baw and the Environmental Art movement started by Peter Biram;
* art serving the purpose of showing new perspectives and unseen landscapes.


(Thank-you Julie Jones for giving me permission to share your underwater photos on my blog.)
I’ve also mentioned:-
* skin cancer and taking care of yourself while making your art;
* the story of The Friendship Tree, a commissioned ink and watercolour drawing;
* and giving new incarnations to a piece of work;
* the beauty of writing acquittal reports;
* early signs of being an artist;
* community strengthening and networking;
* I drew attention to a theme that is close to my heart – the management or mismanagement of the finite resources of this planet that we share with other lifeforms;
* a writing workshop review;
* a correlation between a children’s Perceptual Motor Program and skills required by Arts practitioners;
* the role of compromise in balancing a fruitful schedule;
* community carols
* networking and the interlinking of the Arts;
* tips for working productively;
* elements of my website design;
* discovering and connecting with other Arts people through posting and reading blogs;
* and in one of my comments on Leanne Cole’s blog I spoke about what I like about belonging to the Pakenham Camera Club.


3. Learn more about WordPress.
I have learnt more about WordPress, though what I have also learnt is that there is more to learn. I attempted to post an animation, an audio file and a video, but discovered I won’t be able to do that until I upgrade to a paid site.

I have discovered differences in the WordPress app for iPad and the one for iPhone. And, of course, there is a lot more you can do when posting from the PC or Mac.

Not only have I learnt more about WordPress, I have connected to other bloggers and their stories through this month of posting blogs. This has been very enjoyable, but I can see I must be aware of the time when I disappear into their worlds.



2 thoughts on “November NaBloPoMo

  1. Well done. Yes you have explored many facets, many forms, and along the way carried your readers to places they unknowingly may not have travelled before. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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