Goal Setting – for your Business – or your Holidays

If you were planning to take a trip, you would most likely have a general idea of the purpose of the journey and where you want to go. You might even have begun with a specific destination in mind and might be considering places you would like to stop along the way.

If you were planning to create a business, you would most likely have a general idea of the purpose of your business and where you want to go with it; the goods or services you would offer, where you want to establish your business and if you might want to take it further.

As with the trip, you would spend a great deal of time thinking about your idea or ideas, and you would research extensively before committing to any plan of action. You would, in fact, have a plan of action! And to create this plan, you would look around to discover and explore your options. You would use the expertise of those who have already been there or whose purpose is to facilitate a successful journey for others. You would make use of available tools, too.

The more time you spend with your ideas, the more you would hone them, investigating further, rejecting some and adding others as you learn more, and as the concept and definition of your trip or business become clearer.


You would begin to make plans and lists. You would begin to plan around, and for, your trip or business. Are you physically up to this trip? Do you need to make adjustments to suit your current state? Or perhaps you need to spend more time in preparation?

What needs to be done before the journey starts? What skills or equipment might you need? The trip or business will require your time; you already use all your time! Are you prepared to forfeit or modify other activities in order to reach this goal? Could you delegate some of your current tasks? You would need to arrange alternative care for important aspects of your life for which you currently take responsibility.

As your plans develop you would begin to feel excited about your goals. They would be a source of enjoyment as you anticipate experiencing them. People would notice your sense of purpose and enthusiasm and inevitably you’d share your plans with others. They would then watch your activity with interest and ask about your progress when they see you.

Some may support you, while others may be jealous. You would not let this bother or discourage you, with your focus eagerly on your goal.

Finally you would want to make some commitments, but before you do, you’d need to check the costs again and ensure you have the finances covered. Perhaps you would need financial support; and seeking that support would then become a part of your plan.

Let’s imagine you had your plans in place, with your transport and accommodation booked to fit with your itinerary. Have you taken care of your legal requirements yet? Presumably you would have already worked out what they are and how much they cost. For travel these would include passport, visas, insurances etc. for a business they might include licences, registrations and insurance etc.

Have you set up a system for documenting your journey and communicating this data with those who need to know and those you would like to keep informed? For your business, this could mean records for the taxation department, your accountant, funding bodies, or even marketing to prospective clients.

If you were on a trip, I imagine you would revisit your itinerary frequently and each night, you would know what you planned to accomplish the next day-

* where you would be going
* when you would be there
* who you are likely to see
* what you plan to do there
And therefore also:
* necessary preparations
* what you need to pack
* when you need to get up
* what time to leave
* how you will travel
* how much money you will need
* dangers and risks to minimise
* opportunities that may present.
=> Do you have your umbrella?
=> Do you have your camera?
=> Batteries and charger?
=> Where is you passport – and is it up to date?

Think about how these could translate to building a business – your business.

What do you need to do to ensure a successful journey?
Are you excited by your goals?
Do you look at them daily?
What do you need to do tomorrow?
What do you need to prepare today?

What is your next step?

Are you excited by your goals?

What is your next step?


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