2020 Vision – used for making a five year plan

I’m focused on another project at the moment, so this week’s post is from an exercise I did to help me to work out which goals I should set. Try it yourself; what could be written about you in five years’ time?

jennilivins A section of the Mind Drawing, The White Rabbit Steps Out, by Jenni L Ivins

Jenni Ivins’ Mind Drawings reflect her interest in how people see. Her work invites people to look more closely and to see differently.

Using fine lines, she draws incongruous objects within the narrative of her fantasy landscapes, sometimes deconstructed and often at odd angles or using a range of scales within one drawing. She is unafraid of the negative space and enjoys hiding a trademark four leafed clover in each of her pen and ink drawings.

Jenni’s Mind Drawing style germinated from pencil mark making in a journal. Because of the complexity and fine detail, they did not serve as reference drawings. Not wanting to translate the drawings into saleable works of art, the artist committed to the practice of drawing directly onto archival quality paper using ink (usually delivered with a 0.1 pen).

She continues to work in this style, but has also developed it further, broadening the materials with which she works to include a range of mark making tools and media. Her output has evolved along with contemporary technologies and she also produces a range of digital art, beginning with stop motion animation of her drawings.

Jenni uses her drawings to stimulate new thought and dialogue from viewers. She invites their interaction by hiding objects within the work – her signature four leafed clover, as well as other icons. Some are random and others are specific to the theme of the drawing.

Much of her early work relates to the environment and how mankind is managing the resources of a planet shared with other life forms. You will most likely find trees within her Drawings; you will certainly find faces, and there are other icons that make a regular appearance.

From humble beginnings making art from a self-storage studio space, Jenni has developed her Arts business to furnish the needs of a growing clientele. She now creates her work in a converted farmhouse studio.


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