When Jenni was a child, she bartered story telling for freshly picked passion-fruit and chocolate. She continued to develop her writing, gaining formal qualifications and enjoying success in competitions and having work published, as well as performing on stage, on the radio, at featured gigs, open mike readings and other events.

Jenni’s experience in the Arts encompasses a wide range of genres including writing, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, singing, amateur theatre, cake decorating and textile art. She has participated in, led, and initiated a variety of Community Arts projects over many years.

Driven by her passion for the Arts and her love of literacy and working with children, Jenni continues to develop  an ever-growing range of Arts workshops for adults and children that she delivers in community centres, schools and galleries.

Her details can be found on the City of Casey Arts Facilitators’ Register. She also represents Artists on the Cardinia Shire Council’s Arts and Culture Reference Group.

Collage on Canvas - All that Glitters is not Gold - Jenni L Ivins

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